Proposals for change in social media

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Proposals for change in social media by Mind Map: Proposals for change in social media

1. Government

1.1. Regulate what can be posted/shared on social media

1.2. Create laws that are more secure to keep out underage users from going on/ seeing, inappropriate websites/content

2. Parents

2.1. Limit their child’s screen time on social media to only a couple hours a day

2.2. Not allowing social media usage until they are old enough, at around 16

2.3. Create rules in the household to not use their phones/social media during study time/ bed time

3. Peers

3.1. Commenting positive feedback on others posts to promote a positive environment on social media

3.2. Refrain from sharing inappropriate posts

4. Schools

4.1. Implement courses that encourage online safety

4.2. Criticism and ridicule from peers and teachers causing students to feel shame when using social media

4.3. Limit phone usage during class that would ultimately reduce the time spent on social media