Palmer - Big ideas

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Palmer - Big ideas by Mind Map: Palmer - Big ideas

1. Paradoxes

1.1. to MindMeister for iPad!

1.2. .

2. Identity

2.1. Create maps wherever you are

2.2. Add images, notes, links and tasks

2.3. Share maps with friends

2.4. Automatic synchronization and cloud backup

2.5. Insert Ideas as Geistesblitzes

3. Fear

3.1. Brainstorm and gather ideas

3.2. Take and share meeting notes

3.3. Plan and collaborate on projects

3.4. Manage and assign tasks

4. Quick Help

4.1. Press + to insert ideas

4.2. Pinch to zoom in and out

4.3. Double-tap to edit ideas

4.4. Tap selected node for context menu

4.5. Tap above, below or beside selected node to add siblings or children