Adult Lang. Disorders & Cognitive-Based Dysfunction

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Adult Lang. Disorders & Cognitive-Based Dysfunction by Mind Map: Adult Lang. Disorders & Cognitive-Based Dysfunction

1. Aphasia Types

1.1. Wernicke's Aphasia

1.2. Global aphasia

1.3. Conduction aphasia

1.4. Transcortical aphasia

1.5. Anomic aphasia

2. Aphasia

2.1. Language disorder acquired after an individual has devloped lang. competence. "abscence of language"

2.1.1. not a developmental disorder

2.1.2. Not a motor speech disorder

3. Jargon

3.1. the use of real words put together without any meaning

4. Right-Hemisphere Dysfunction(RHD)

4.1. aphasia battery

4.2. damage to the right cerebral hemisphere(non dominant)

4.3. treatments are more limited

5. Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI)

5.1. damage to the brain from the impact of external forces

5.2. leading cause of death and disability in U.S.

5.3. can go undetected- open and closed-head injuries

6. Dementia

6.1. chronic, progressive decline in memory, cognition, language and personality resulting from CNS dysfunction.

6.1.1. mild, moderate, severe

6.1.2. Treated with some perscriptions and speech-language therapy helps with deficits.

7. Prosody

7.1. melody, intonation, and rhythm of speech.

8. Alzheimer's Disease(AD)

8.1. Chronic, progressive brain disease; affects 4.5 million Americans.

8.2. Usually at 65+

8.3. Information processing tasks help

9. Delirium, Dementia, Depression

10. Dysphasia- impairment of language comprehension

11. Sarah Scott Videos

11.1. Suffered stroke at 18

11.2. With help of therapy and SLP, improved her speaking. Struggled with reading and writing.

12. Huntington's Disease

12.1. Meghan's story

12.2. Daniels's story