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Neo-Analytic/Ego by Mind Map: Neo-Analytic/Ego
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Key Theortists

Carl Jung

Alfred Adler

Karen Horney

Erik Erickson

Other contributing theorists

Margaret Mahler

Heinz Kohut

Marie Snyder

Brian Little

Robert Emmons

Nancy Cantor


Anna Freud

Heinz Hartmann

Idiographic vs. Nomothetic

Approach is nomothetic

This aproach often times applies nomothetic practice to their theories of personality. They understand that a conbination of charactreistics makes individuals unique but certain characteristics can be generalized across others.



Conscious self

social self

possible self

multiple selves


Key Concepts

Life span Identity

Research that Supports, Summary

Research that Challenges, Summary

Cultural impact

Research that supports, Summary

Research that Challenges, Summary

Societal Impact

Birth Order, Research that Challenges, Summary, Research that supports, Summary


Personal Unconscious

Conscious Ego

Collective Unconscious, Archetypes, Research that supports, Summary, Research that Challenges, Summary



free association





Methods Contemporary Applicablility

developing a healthy self concept

Support groups for those facing life crisis


Emphasis on Self

cope with emotions and drives on the inside and demands of others on the outside


Hodgepodge of ideas from different traditions

difficult to test in rigorous manner

Free Will?

Usually No

Personality Disorders

Striving for Superiority

For Alfred Adler, central core of personality is the striving for superiority.

Inferiority Complex

Superiority Complex

Evolutions of Theory, Organ inferiority, Aggression Drive, Masculine Protest, Perfection Striving

Neurotic Coping Strategies

Moving Towards, Affection and Approval, A Domineering partner

Moving Against, Power, Exploitation, Recognition and Prestige, Admiration, Ambition and Acheivement

Moving Away, Self-sufficiency, Perfection, Narrow limits

Object Relations Theories

Symbiotic Psychotic

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Normal Symbiotic