She´s not into dancing

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She´s not into dancing by Mind Map: She´s not into dancing

1. how much do you like going to parties?

1.1. What do you like doing at parties?

1.2. Do you like making new friends, dancing or meeting people?

1.3. Do you usually have fun at parties?

1.4. How long does it take you to prepare a party? What kind of things do you usually do?

1.5. Do you like throwing parties? How often do you do it?

1.6. How often do you invite your friends to your house? What do you usually eat, drink and do?

1.7. Do you remember crashing a party?

1.8. In your opnion, what´s the recipe for a good party?

1.9. To thow a party= to give a party

1.10. to crash a party= to go a party without being invited

2. Text

2.1. That´s a beautiful jacket, but it´s too expensive! Gosh! What can I give him? * How much would you like to spend? * Around thirty dollar. * Why don´t you give him a computer game? * No, that´s not a good idea. He hates playing computer games. * How about a CD? Does he like listening to music? * Yes, he does. Good idea! Is there a music store on this floor? * yes, there is. I think it´s just around the corner.

2.2. What I can give my grandfather?

2.3. What can I give buy her for 50?

2.4. How about a wooden picture frame?

2.5. Why don´t you dive him a camera?

2.5.1. Novo nó

2.6. why don´t you give her a box of chocolate?

2.7. that´s a good idea.

2.8. yeah, why noy?

2.9. Novo nó

2.9.1. No, that´s bot a goo ideia

3. Legend

3.1. Priority Importance indicators

3.1.1. High Priority

3.1.2. Medium Priority

3.1.3. Low Priority

3.2. Task Completion indicators

3.2.1. Not Started

3.2.2. 25% complete

3.2.3. 50% complete

3.2.4. 75% complete

3.2.5. Done

3.3. Flags and Icons

3.3.1. Flags

3.3.2. Icons

4. Action Items

4.1. Action Item 1

4.2. Action Item 2

5. Notes

6. a bottle of perfume

6.1. a bouquet of flowers

6.2. a CD

6.3. a board game

6.4. a picture frame

6.5. a some make up

6.6. an IPod

6.7. a pair of earrings

6.8. a desk organizer set

6.9. an MP3

6.10. a leather briefcase

6.11. a digital camera

6.12. a box of chocolate

6.13. a video game

6.14. a computer game

7. Text

7.1. What are you going to wear? * I´m going to wear a white blouse, a jean jacket, a black miniskirt and black boots. What about you? what are you going to wear?