Film Opening Synopsis 'Crisis'

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Film Opening Synopsis 'Crisis' by Mind Map: Film Opening Synopsis 'Crisis'

1. Mise en Scene

1.1. The main focus will be on the charaters footsteps and face to show his emotions and this is effecting him phyiscally and mentally.

2. Costume

2.1. Zombie

2.1.1. Trainers

2.1.2. Ripped T-shirt

2.1.3. Muddy Jeans

2.2. Victims

2.2.1. Jeans/Chinos

2.2.2. Casual Tshirt

2.2.3. Converse pumps

3. Props

3.1. Flash Light

3.2. Mobile Phone

3.3. Fake Blood

4. Horror Genre

5. Cinematorgraphy

5.1. My camera movements will be the following: Handheld shots, panning shots, zoom and close ups.

5.2. I will be filming at dusk/night so i will need to take into account the lighting. I will take a flash camera to get detailed shots.

6. Editing

6.1. Cut

6.2. My editing will be done on Moviemaker/iMovie. At the start it will be slow and steady then gradually it will get faster,shakier and tense.

6.3. Slow Pace Shaky Camera

7. Setting

7.1. Dark Woods

7.2. Empty Dirt track

7.3. Graveyard

8. Diegesis

8.1. Non-Diegetic Sounds- No sounds

8.2. The sound in my clip will consist of heavy shaky breathing. My film is going to be a mockumentary so i want the audience to feel asthough they are in that situation.

8.3. Diegetic Sound- Heavy Breathing, Screams, Twig Snapping, Leave Crunching

9. Plot

9.1. Zombie Apocalypse

9.1.1. Aiden and Cedric are injured and on the run from a series of walking men, women and children that are infected by some sort of virus.

10. Characters

10.1. Aiden

10.1.1. Cedric

11. Conventions

11.1. Gore

11.1.1. Blood

11.2. Darkness

11.2.1. Zombies

11.3. Suspension