LOOP Chapter 2 & 3

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LOOP Chapter 2 & 3 by Mind Map: LOOP Chapter 2 & 3

1. Domestic Workers

1.1. Form of Slavery

1.1.1. Did unpleasant tasks and dealt with dirt

1.1.2. Eating different food compared to employers

1.1.3. Paid minimum salary- subsistance wage

1.2. Division of Classes

1.2.1. Seen as poor working for higher classes

1.3. Necessity for Middle and Upper Class

1.3.1. Did all the cleaning and food prep

1.3.2. Considered a "must have"

1.4. Rio de Janeiro

1.4.1. Received many migrants

1.4.2. These migrants & older migants did domestic work

2. Chapter 2: The Aesthetics of Domination

3. Chapter 3: Color-Blind Erotic Democracies, Black Consciousness Politics, and the Black Cinderellas of Felicidade Eterna

4. Color

4.1. Division of Classes

4.1.1. Higher class = white Considered having better success in life

4.1.2. Lower class = black Black considered ugly and associated with slavery

4.2. Black Cinderellas

4.2.1. Ana Flavia Pecanha Azeredo Governor of the State's daughter Was verbally and physically assulted for delaying an elevator

4.3. Brazil is Different

4.3.1. Popular Brazilian view Contemporary analyses of race relations