Film opening sequence

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Film opening sequence by Mind Map: Film opening sequence

1. Characters

1.1. Maldor (Villain)

1.1.1. I have chosen to use this name for my villian as any name with the prefix "mal" is French for bad, or evil.

1.1.2. Maldor will be the villain in my film opening sequence who will be played by Nathan Smith.This villain will be the man who kidnaps children in their sleep and can play with their parents thoughts whilst they are sleeping. Maldor will be wearing back ripped clothing covered in blood as the rips represent people trying to escape from him and the blood is from the torture the victims are put through.

1.2. Ashley(Victim)

1.2.1. Ashley will be the young girl that is kidnapped by the villain in my film opening.

1.2.2. This role will be played by Madison Brown.She will have long blonde hair and blue eyes. She will play the role of a 9 year old girl as they are typically known to not be able to fight back at a villian whether someone older than 9 years old may be able to escape. She will be wearing a nightgown as she has been kidnapped from her bedroom.

2. Plot

2.1. The main plot to my film is about a villain (Maldor)who kidnaps children in their sleep but at the same time gets into parents dreams changing their dreams into nightmares by showing them what the villain is doing to their children. When the parents wake up they think it is all a dream until they check on their children and their nightmare has become reality.

3. Setting

3.1. Derelict barn will be my main setting for my film opening

3.1.1. I have chosen to use a derleict barn as my setting as it is a typical setting for horror films to be filmed in at night time.The derelict barn is surrounded by trees which creates a spooky like scenery for my film opening making it look a lot more realistic.

3.2. The second main setting for my opening sequence will be a childrens bedroom.

3.2.1. I have chosen to use a childrens bedroom as it will relate to the plot of my film opening sequence.

4. Props

4.1. I am going to use fake blood as it is a typical convention that you would see in horror films.

5. Horror Genre

5.1. Typical generic conventions of horror films include:

5.1.1. Blood

5.1.2. Villain

5.1.3. Attractive victims

5.1.4. Scary setting

5.1.5. Knifes

5.1.6. Guns

5.1.7. Spooky costumes

6. Editing

6.1. i am going to use the cut shot in my film opening sequence to show a range of different shots than just using the same type of shot throughout.

6.2. Also i am going to speed up the filming to build up suspense in the scary scenes.