I've been here before: session 2

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I've been here before: session 2 by Mind Map: I've been here before: session 2

1. Step 6

1.1. Review session 1

1.1.1. Report new knowledge Anatomy Physiology Pathology

2. Step 7

2.1. Inquiry plan and info gathering

2.1.1. history No hypertension No wight gain No diabetes No lupus history of preview pregnancy no symptoms, only nausea no preeclampsia Quite smoking No frequent urination No other diseases UTI 3 years ago

2.1.2. vital signs heart rate breathing o2 blood pressure temperature

2.1.3. exam no rash no pigmentation no edema no vision channge no headach suprapubic tenderness

2.1.4. tests results protein (albumen, creatinine) e.coli present resistant to penicillin sensitive to augmentin WBC count elevated necrophiliacs elevated c reactive protein ultrasound baby girl healthy done 16 weeks

3. Step 8

3.1. Diagnostic decision

3.1.1. UTI infection (asymptomatic cystitis) with E.coli

3.2. Mechanism

3.2.1. previous infection without completing the course of antibiotic

3.3. Presentation

3.3.1. tenderness in suprapubic area

3.3.2. asymptomatic

3.4. Supporting data

3.4.1. high WBC

3.4.2. previous infection

3.4.3. high protein in urine

3.4.4. positive culture for e.coli

3.5. Objectives for next session

3.5.1. Treatment contraindications (in pregnancy)

3.5.2. Management & prevention individual and social levels how to manage pregnancy symptoms