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tech2tech by Mind Map: tech2tech

1. feasiblity

1.1. videos posted asking for help, videos posted with a response in laymen terms

2. access

2.1. internet

2.1.1. similarity to youtube

3. knowledge

3.1. staff can check videos posted and offer 24 personal help

3.1.1. ensure that business owners can connect safely and effectively delegate and respond to clients needs quickly and efficently

4. staff

4.1. techies

4.1.1. passionate people

5. connection capabilities

5.1. internet

6. professionalism

6.1. knowledgeable staff

6.1.1. high understanding

7. clientele

7.1. new business owners desiring help with technology woes

8. market segment

8.1. new business owners

8.1.1. small businesses without resources needs tech understanding