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Poverty by Mind Map: Poverty

1. The importance of economic factors to the understanding of any particular conflict will always be a source of dispute

2. Internal solutions for internal problems

3. Increase in chronic health problems (AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis)

4. Modernization Theory

5. Colonialism-marginalization of the poor

6. Poor continue to become "poorer" (micro vs.macro economic effect of war)

6.1. New political economy (Sierra Leone)

6.2. Task

6.3. Prerequisites

7. Huntington: Land maldistribution/landlessness = revolution (Salvador & Nicaragua vs. Panama & Costa Rica)

8. Globalization (military force and arm sales)

9. Narrowing the gap b/w industrialized & developing countries

10. Conflict

10.1. Rebel groups (Sierra Leone & Sri Lanka)

10.1.1. External shock (trade or loss of resources)

10.2. Horizontal Inequalities vs. vertical inequalities

10.3. Rigorous Approach: lack of basic services=societal stress= spark

10.3.1. Anecdotal Approach: Accumulation of wealth = greed & chauvinism rather than grievance (poverty)

10.4. Weak government in managing scarce resources

10.5. Clash of Civilizations

11. Solutions (Government Policy)

11.1. Protection of minority groups

11.2. Effective aid policy & outreach programs (rural areas)

11.3. Independent judicial/legal system

11.4. Proper public health care services

11.5. Better public education

11.6. Strong civil society

11.7. Accountable armed forces & police service

12. War

12.1. Poverty & war = vicious cycle

12.2. Poor people used in war (soldiers)

12.2.1. Task

12.2.2. Prerequisites

12.3. Increase in aid (dependency theory)

12.4. Only strong powers can afford war (The elites)

13. Conclusion

13.1. How should international donor/peace-building organizations give aid during or after conflict?

13.1.1. To what extent does poverty cause revolution?

13.2. What is the most effective approach in measuring poverty?

13.2.1. How does Marxist theory on capitalism relate to the relationship between poverty & war?

14. "Voicelessness and Powerlessness”

15. Human Development Definition

15.1. Effects of war