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Courage by Mind Map: Courage

1. Mental

1.1. Present to large audience

1.2. Overcoming (mental) problems

2. Physical

2.1. Push yourself to the limit

2.2. Trying something new

3. Do the right thing

3.1. People might not always support it

3.2. Bravery

3.2.1. Support what you believe in

4. Bravery

4.1. Racing

4.1.1. Finland Sisu

4.2. Presentations

4.2.1. In order to present with confidence

4.3. Sports

4.3.1. To push themselves and achieve

4.4. Civil Rights

4.4.1. To make change happen Nelson Mendela Martin Luther King Jr.

4.5. Conflicts

4.5.1. In order to win the conflict, you have to be brave