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Courage by Mind Map: Courage

1. Jem

1.1. New somthing was wrong and came for atticus help

1.2. Destroyed Mrs.Dubose yard bacaue of making fun of Atticus

1.3. He went inside the cout house un invited to see atticus

2. Dill

2.1. Whent to boo radly house to see what was in there

2.2. Escaped from home to find a better life

2.3. Had the courage of going with jem to the jail and coutr

3. Scout

3.1. likes to protect her family by violence

3.2. Wants to know more about Radely place

3.3. Shows courage when she spoke to Mr cunnigham

4. Atticus

4.1. Protecting some one who he knows will die and going against the community

4.2. Protecting tom robinson with his life

5. Boo radely

5.1. Comes out to give blacket to scout in front of everyone

5.2. Put toys in for jem and scout

6. Me

6.1. Told the truth when i did somthing wrong

7. Can be write and wrong

7.1. What is courage?

7.2. Not doing hw

7.2.1. Doing something you know is write but the world dosent

7.2.2. Belive in yourself