Access Tutorial 6

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Access Tutorial 6 by Mind Map: Access Tutorial 6

1. Documenter

1.1. Choose Database Tools from the Ribbon

1.2. In the Analyze Group click Database Documenter

1.3. Click the Tables tab

1.4. Choose the table and click the Options button

1.5. Choose the documentation you want from the Print Table Definition dialog box

1.6. Click OK

1.7. View Object Definition Report in print preview

2. Create Forms Using Tools

2.1. Datasheet Tool

2.2. Multiple Items Tool

2.3. Split Form Tool

2.4. Form Tools Menu

3. Creating a Form in Design View

3.1. Click the Create tab on the Ribbon

3.2. From the Forms Group choose Blank Form

3.3. Click the Design View button

3.4. Add the require fields to the form

3.5. Add required controls to the form

3.6. Modify the form elements to be aesthetically pleasing

3.7. Save the Form

3.8. Form Design View