6 Traits of Writing

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6 Traits of Writing by Mind Map: 6 Traits of Writing

1. Ideas

1.1. Write about what you know

1.2. Make sure your have a well developed topic sentence

1.3. Consider your purpose and audience

2. Organization

2.1. Keep similar ideas together

2.2. Tell about events in order

3. Voice

3.1. Make sure voice is appropriate for your audience

3.2. Should be unique and homest

4. Word Choice

4.1. Use interesting adjectives and adverbs

4.2. Avoid using "tired" words

5. Sentence Fluency

5.1. Use a mix of simple, compound, and complex sentences

5.2. Avoid run-on sentences and sentence fragments

6. Conventions

6.1. Spelling

6.2. Capitalization

6.3. Punctuation

6.4. Grammar