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Courage by Mind Map: Courage

1. Mrs. Dubose

1.1. showed courage when she was dying

2. Jem

2.1. built up the courage to go to Mrs. Dubose's house

3. Scout

3.1. was very courageous to stand up for her dad in front of the men at the jail.

4. celebrities are courageous

4.1. some people live in fear

5. fear is the opposite of courage

5.1. but if you are not courageous, you don't have to be fearfull

6. In Lord of the Rings, Frodo shows courage when he goes to Mordor

6.1. he was brave

6.2. he committed to keeping the ring safe

6.3. had concern for Sam

7. some people find courage in them after a certain event

7.1. after something bad happens, they might realize that you need to be strong.

8. Qualities of a courageous person

8.1. strength when in pain/grief

8.1.1. Mrs. Dubose showed strength when she was getting off morphine

8.2. concern for others

8.2.1. Atticus has concern for others

8.3. braveness

8.3.1. Scout was brave to stand up to the group at the jail

8.4. honorable

8.5. boldness

8.6. commitment/focus

8.6.1. Atticus is pretty committed to helping Tom Robinson.

8.7. do what's right