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Courage by Mind Map: Courage

1. Hard to find

1.1. most people don't really have natural courage

2. Standing up to people

2.1. friends

2.2. Family

2.3. strangers

3. Sometimes requires you to make sacrifices

3.1. The Hunger Games

3.1.1. Katniss Hard to leave her family hard to have faith hard to be rebellious New node

3.2. Harry Potter

3.2.1. courage to face his enemies

3.2.2. New node

3.3. Your Pride

3.3.1. admit that you are wrong

3.3.2. admit that you need something

4. Can get you in trouble

4.1. Katniss Everdeen

4.1.1. Rebelling against the capitol

4.2. Make bad choices

4.2.1. try something new that might have a bad outcome

5. New node

6. Characters (books)

6.1. find courage within someone else

6.2. usually start off shy

6.2.1. Human nature

7. Too much courage ???

7.1. Can be overconfident

7.1.1. ruin relationships, break friendships

8. The Wizard of Oz

8.1. Lion

8.1.1. no courage took some actions of bravery to see that he had courage afterall

9. Different Forms

9.1. Action

9.1.1. acting out in a courageous way

9.1.2. doing something even with fea

9.2. Adventurous

9.2.1. courage to try new things, do new things for the benefit of experience or for the benefit of others

9.3. Trust

9.3.1. it takes some courage to put trust in someone, especially when you feel uncertain

10. Be willing to take chances

10.1. sometimes courage comes with being able to make decisions that you don't know the outcome to.

11. overcoming fear before

11.1. courage only comes if you let it -- you must be willing to let go of your fears before you can set your mind on doing something