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Courage by Mind Map: Courage

1. Other Sources

1.1. Harry Potter

1.1.1. The courage to risk your life for others

1.1.2. the courage to stand up to friends

1.2. Hunger Games

1.2.1. The willingness to die to change a long time tradition

1.3. The Lottery

1.3.1. The one who tried to stand up against tradition is the one who dies

1.3.2. Showing how their society couldn't stand up for something that was right because of their tradition

2. My Definition of courage

2.1. Admitting you were wrong

2.2. Trying to change things even if it puts you at risk

2.3. Putting yourself at risk for the well being of others

2.4. Doing the right thing when you know of the (bad) consequences

3. In the book

3.1. Atticus

3.1.1. Standing up for what's right even if it puts himself and his reputation at risk

3.1.2. Trying to convince people of the truth

3.1.3. Standing up for justice

3.1.4. Breaking the social norm to do what he knows is right

3.1.5. Not letting opinions or pressure get in the way of what's right

3.1.6. Trying even if he knows he's going to fail

3.1.7. Helping someone in their last hopeless moments

3.2. Opposite of courage

3.2.1. Fear The town Scared by Boo Radley because of his reputation and rumors Fear to stand up to what's right Society Today Ignoring problems that they feel would make people make fun of them Not wanting to do the right thing in case it risks anything they like Pride