medieval society

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medieval society by Mind Map: medieval society

1. Not Free

1.1. Those who work

1.1.1. Villani Didn't own the land, but farmed their own holdings

1.1.2. Cottars Thei held small sections of land, and they had to pay for them with services

1.2. They were the biggest group of meddival society

2. Knights

2.1. Mounted Warriors

2.1.1. Jousts

2.2. Loyal to the King

2.2.1. Knighting

2.3. Chivalry Code

2.3.1. "Protect the weak, defenseless, and helpless, and fight for the general welfare of all."

3. upper classes

3.1. Church The unifying force

3.1.1. Pope

3.1.2. Monks

3.2. Kings

3.2.1. Barons "Vassal of the King"