Automatic data capture

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Automatic data capture by Mind Map: Automatic data capture

1. Barcode Reader

1.1. Uses visible red light to capture the data

1.2. As the red light shines across the black and white parts some are darker and some are lighter

1.3. It might be used in libreries to read the library card or it might be used in shops to scan items or food

1.4. The hand scanner sensed the data and turns it into digital data

2. Magnetic ink character recognition (MICR)

2.1. Numbers at the bottom of cheques are written in magnetic ink

2.2. The ink has iron particles making it magnetic

2.3. Only a MICR can read the magnetic ink

3. Optical mark reader (OMR)

3.1. An optical mark reader is a scanner that reads pencil marks

3.2. You may find these marks on lottery tickets or on multiple choice exam papers

3.3. It works by measuring the amount of light that is reflected, if there is less light reflected that is where the mark is

3.4. It interprets the marksand puts it into a data record this is a fast way of inputting a large amount of data, but it only works if the marks are accurate

4. Optical character recognition (OCR)

4.1. This device allows the computer to find the written or printed words

4.2. This software consists of a scanner which reads the words and scans it from a document onto a computer.

4.3. It also consists of some special software that extracts the text and puts it in a form that can be edited and processed in normal word processing software

4.4. The OCR always needs to be carefully checked because the scanner is not always acurate, it can readf different sizes of writing and joined hand writing. It is normally used for reading adresses.

5. Speech recognition

5.1. To use this software you must speak into a microphone and it will translate you speech into words.

5.2. It works almost instantly but needsa while to get used to your voice

5.3. You can also speak and see the words apear in front of you