What Have I Learnt ?

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What Have I Learnt ? by Mind Map: What Have I Learnt ?

1. Colours

1.1. This seems to be one of the most important things about music magazines. Alot of what was written on Wallwisher was about what colour they liked.

1.1.1. The colours that I use when making my magazine will have to be relevant to the genre of magazine that I make and obviously to the intended user eg.men.

2. Fonts

2.1. Some of the most popular fonts were ones that didn't have any serifs, which make the font look older, also the fonts were bold and easy for the audience to read quickly.

2.1.1. From the audience survey I learnt that the fonts will need to be bold, clear and appropriate to the genre of magazine.

3. Composition

3.1. The composition of the Music Magazines often follow the same structure, the same things are allways in the same places, like the Masthead, Anchorage text, Selling points(article information), Blurb ect.

3.1.1. I will to ensure that when making my magazine I follow the conventions of music magazines otherwise it will not be clear that it is a music magazine.

4. Genre

4.1. From the results of my survey the Most popular genre is Indie music, that is due to the famous artists that are featured on the cover, this helps to sell the magazine.

4.1.1. My magazine would be best if it was an indie music genre because from the audience analysis I know more about what the audience like.

5. Freebies

5.1. Freebies are not used that much in music magazines, the only ones that use freebies are Kerrang and BBC Music, both magazines use a Niche target audience, so this tells me that if a free cd was put in a magazine like Q the reader may not like all of the music, unlike Kerrang which is rock music and the audience will like anything on the cd (because it would be all rock music).

5.1.1. If, when I make my magazine, I use freebies, it will need to be an exact genre that I use otherwise the audience may be put off from buying my magazine because they don't like the cd.

6. Sex

6.1. The sex of the reader that mainly reads music magazines are males.

6.1.1. This is something i will need to consider when making my Music Magazine, i will need to use male stereotype colours and relevant articles