Film Opening Synopsis

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Film Opening Synopsis by Mind Map: Film Opening Synopsis

1. Mise En Scene

1.1. PROPS

1.1.1. LULLABY BOX music is quiet and sweet but used in a thriller which is contrasting. it is important as the cute, soft music represents hope, but when it abruptly stops, at the end, it shows dead hope. it sets the mood of the entire film.

1.1.2. ROCKING CHAIR used by male main character and demonstrates his character as crazy and 'not all there'. it is used to add a thriller atmosphere to the opening and give an insight of his characteristics. the weird, creepy behaviour is a good convention in a thriller film.

1.1.3. PHOTOGRAPH OF COUPLE emphasises both of their importance in the film and suggests that they are obviously main characters as their appearances are being emphasised. The happy photo contrasts with the mood of the film.


1.2.1. Male character black shirt with dark jeans. Shows more information about the type of person he is. His dark clothes can represent danger, a dark past, secrets, death and this suggests that he has a dark side to him.

1.2.2. Female character casual day dress with tights This short-ish dress will symbolise her vulnerability, and vulnerability from a girl character is a typical convention in a thriller film. She is at her house during the opening and that is why she is dressed casual.

2. Settings


2.1.1. This room will be empty except for a few things and we aim for the surroundings to be almost all white. the empty room represents the main male characters empty life and unhappiness. The location of the white room is unclear from the opening in the opening as we want it to remain a mystery which will make the audience want to read on. This mystery suggests that there is a lot more to find out and the film has complications which are typical conventions for a thriller.


2.3. This is an ordinary, everyday location which makes the film opening seem more realistic and the audience can relate to it. It suggests comfort but the atmosphere in the room says otherwise.

3. Characters


3.1.1. MALE

3.1.2. the opening makes it clear that they were in a relationship but it also shows them breaking up. Their appearance makes it clear that they are in their mid 20's which gives them a decent age for a thriller film with a 15 rating and portrays maturity.

3.1.3. FEMALE


4.1. Production company logo

4.2. GIRLS ROOM: both male and female protagonists walk into the bedroom because she needs to talk to him (break up)

4.3. WHITE ROOM: male walks into the room and is alone, he plays the music on the lullaby box, picks up a picture and walks to the rocking chair to sit down in.

4.4. GIRLS ROOM: she begins to explain calmly but nervously how she thinks they should break up because he has changed.. he pleads to make her keep him but not viciously

4.4.1. The plot is important in my film opening because it lets the audience know what the film is about and what is happening, it also makes it easier to understand. The plot also gives the audience a good understanding of what the genre of the film is and the moods that will be portrayed. it introduces the main characters in the opening and tells the audience roughly what the storyline will be about or based on.

4.5. WHITE ROOM: just him rocking

4.6. GIRLS ROOM: he gets mad at her and starts to yell, this leads to him pushing her and she hits her head on the wall,and the audience are unaware if she has died or not.

4.7. WHITE ROOM: the camera zooms into the male on rocking chair until it is a close up, the lullaby stops,he looks up, directly at camera

4.8. title of film appears: 'DERANGED'

5. Editing


5.1.1. By using medium paced editing it means that the audience will have a clear insight of what is going on as it will not be too fast or too slow. It will also allow them to feel the emotions we try to portray in the opening as it will help set the mood.

6. Diegesis


6.1.1. This will include the lullaby box music sound and also squeeky sounds frm the rocking chair and maybe some more depening on how the filming goes. This will make the film seem more realistic and believable and make the audience feel like they are there.


6.2.1. This will be the background music and will set the thriller mood towards the audience. it will create tension and suspicion and give an intense atmosphere.

7. Cinematography


7.1.1. We are mainly going to use eye level camera angles to make the audience feel like they are there, with the characters to make them feel more intimidated by the film. we will also use other shots to show the superioriy of the male character.


7.2.1. we are going to be using different shots for the different scenes an close ups, long shots, medium shots will all definitely be used. We might used an extreme close up of the characters faces to show emotions of even on some props. we will use different shots for diversity and to make the opening look more proffessional and more appealing to the audience.


7.3.1. We will be using zoom at the end of the opening and will zoom into the main, male character to show how you cannot escape from him. it will make the audience feel like they are there, with him. we will also leave the camera still to present the stillness of their lives and that something is bound to cause trouble.


7.4.1. All lighting will be natural to make film seem more realistic

8. Conventions

8.1. Good Vs Evil (CHARACTERS)

8.1.1. almost all thrillers have a crazy bad guy who, in this case, is mental. it creates tension amongst audience. he wants to seek revenge and is angry- typical thriller conventions. there is almost always an innocent, vulnerable girl who is getting attacked in some way by antagonist.The vulnerability of the girl in our opening is a convention of thriller as it shows good vs evil.


8.2.1. obsession craziness Schizophrenia Relatioonships

8.3. The opening is filled with suspense, leaving audience at the edge of their seats. The themes are based on things that are fearful to society today. The audience can relate to these themes.