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Malone by Mind Map: Malone

1. Reporter

1.1. Makes him a good narrator for the book

1.1.1. observant

2. In love with Gladys

2.1. Why he wants adventure

2.2. Doesn't want to be with him

2.2.1. Underestimates him

2.2.2. marries a clerk

3. Very Modest

3.1. Helped in a mining accident

3.1.1. Brave

3.2. national Rugby athlete

3.2.1. athletic

3.3. Doesn't do things for rame

3.3.1. genuine

4. Very good at making connections with others

4.1. Friendly

4.2. Charasmatic

4.3. Boss says so

4.4. Convinces Challenger to state his case and go one another expedition

4.4.1. many other reporters have tried and failed

4.5. Makes friends with Roxton easily

5. Changes throughout the novel

5.1. Becomes more daring and adventurous

5.2. Chooses to return to Plateau with Roxton

5.2.1. motivation is no longer Gladys

5.2.2. Even though is now rich

5.2.3. Instead of being a reported

6. Believes Challenger

7. Helped rescue Summerlee and Challenger with Roxton

8. Made a map of the Plateau by climbing up the tree

8.1. save the day because they were lost