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Malone by Mind Map: Malone

1. Romantic

1.1. During the first scene, we learn that Malone is quite deeply in love with Gladys, and "proposes" to her. However she thinks that him doing so would ruin the relationship that they have.

1.2. He also later names a lake after her.

2. Inquisitive

2.1. Being a journalist, Malone is quite good at asking questions, and is actually able to get Challenger to open up.

3. Charismatic

3.1. Based on his conversations with others, as well as his relationships, we can tell that he is quite a likable and charismatic person.

4. Athletic

4.1. We learned that Malone actually played professional Rugby.

5. Humble

5.1. After Roxton discovered the fact that Malone played professional Rugby, he began complementing him. Malone dismissed his complements as though the feat was nothing.

6. Brave/Heroic

6.1. While he was talking to Gladys, we learned that while he was reporting at the scene of a collapsed mine shaft, he went down into the shaft and saved some people who were trapped.