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Malone by Mind Map: Malone

1. Brave

1.1. Willing to risk his life for Gladys

1.2. Climbed the tree to help the team out

1.3. Goes into the coal mine to help save those people

2. Loyal

2.1. Passed Roxton's loyalty test

2.2. Tries to help save the other men when they were captured by the ape men

3. Humble

3.1. Doesn't boast about his accomplishments

3.2. When Gladys asks he doesn't brag about what he's done

3.3. When he returns from his trip he keeps his head and stays down to earth

4. Athletic

4.1. National Rugby Team

4.2. Asks to go on the next adventure with Roxton

5. Outgoing

5.1. Takes the job to speak to Challenger who was viewed to be one of the most dangerous men

5.2. Asks for outgoing jobs from his boss Mccardle

6. Tough

6.1. Takes on the ape man when he begins to strangle him

7. Middleman

7.1. When Summerlee and Challenger disagree he intervenes

8. New node