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Malone by Mind Map: Malone

1. Humble

1.1. Does not preach about the mine story

1.2. Does not brag about his numerous achievements

2. Athletic

2.1. Able to climb the tall tree

2.2. Able to travel through the tough South American Rainforset

2.3. Part of the Irish National rugby team

3. Driven/Motivated

3.1. Creates his own luck

3.1.1. Asks Gladys what she wants from him and he says he'll do it no matter what the cost

3.2. Smart in getting what he wants

3.2.1. After his fight with challenger he tells the police that the fight was his fault, thus keeping the option to continue to talk with Challenger open

4. Loyal

4.1. Could've left Summerlee and Challenger behind but decides to rescue them

4.2. Does not give up on his faith in getting Gladys

5. Selfless Actions

5.1. Saved Summerlee and Challenger