Prime Minister

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Prime Minister by Mind Map: Prime Minister

1. Ministry of Defence - The ministry of defence is responsible for implementing the defence policy set by the UK's government, is the headquarters of the British Armed Forces.The MOD states that its main objectives are to defend the United Kingdom and its interests and to strengthen international peace and stability.

1.1. Defence Secretary - Philip Hammond - Philip Hammond is in charge of each individual public service. He is in charge of paying members of the public service and cuts due to lack of money. In conjunction, he is also in charge of operations, personnel, delivery of the transformation programme, defence policy, planning, programme and resource allocation international relations nuclear programme

1.1.1. Armed Forces - Her Majesty's Armed Forces is made up of The Army, Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. It is a government funded organisation which is there to defend the population of the United Kingdom. DVA - Defence Vetting Agency - The DVA aslo known as the DVS is responsible for vetting employees of the British Armed Forces, MOD, civil servants, defence contractors and other government departments and organisations who work on contracts with some government departments. It used to be called the Defence Vetting Agency as it used to be an executive agency untill oct 11 when the exectutive agency status was removed, therefore, transferring it to the DBS organisation.

2. Ministry of Justuce The Ministry of Justice is a department of the UK Government which is run by the Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor this is a combined position.

2.1. Justice Secretary - Chris Grayling - Chris Garyling is responsible for prisons, court, probation and magistrate. He deals with up to 12 moth sentences or 5000 pound fines. 95% of crime goes through here.

2.1.1. Under Secretaryof state for Justice - Crispin Blunt - Crispin Blunt deals with things like unemployed offenders he decides on punishments like community payback, sorting out work for then 4 days a week and ensuring they go to the job center 1 day on a weekend. HM Prison Service - Her Majesty's prison service holds 85,000 prisoners. There are 137 prisons in the UK and 4,300 of the prisoners are women, which makes up 5%. National Probation Service - The national probation service supervises ex-prisoners to help them get their lives back on track, make sure they stay away for any gangs they were involved with, help them move away from crime, help then to get a job and help them to stay legal.