Boxing Day Tsunami

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Boxing Day Tsunami by Mind Map: Boxing Day Tsunami

1. Responses:

1.1. A long term response it decreased the time in each day and also change the shape of the earth by a little bit.

1.2. Many countries helped to relive the damage that this tsunami did to these countries.

1.3. after the mass flooding had gone they sent out emergency relief and basic needs. there was also some search and rescue teams that were sent out to the heavily effected areas to look for survivors.

1.4. people now like the World Vision foundations is still trying to raise money to rebuild house and support the people that maybe lost everything in the tsunami.

1.5. Over 570,000 people were displaced and they had to setup something to help them find family or friends after the tsunami.

2. Effects

2.1. People were also stranded for days with no homes, no food, and no cloths.

2.2. The boxing day tsunami lasted 7 hours. The reason they know this is the times how long it took the 20 meter tall tsunami to reach all 14 countries.

2.3. The effect of this was the death of 227,898 people with around half a million people injured.

2.4. They guess the around 9.9 billion dollars were lost.This occurred due to this event and complete structural damages were repaired within the next 5 years post to this event.

2.5. Only 80% of the people who lost homes got the rebuilt the rest got aid and shelters since they did not have enough money or they did not have insurance on there houses.

2.6. Also people who farmed for a living all of there crop was destroyed by the salt water.

3. Causes

3.1. An earthquake of a magnitude 9.8 on the rector scale occurred due to the Sumatra plate and the Indian plate.

3.2. These to plates subducted causing a struck fault shallow in the coast of the Indonesian ocean.

3.3. The energy released from this subduction was as powerful as a 23,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs

3.4. This caused the Tsunami to accrue series of extremely powerful wave caused by a large and sudden displacement of the ocean.

3.5. This usually accrues when there is an earthquake below or near the ocean floor.

3.6. This force from the subduction creates waves that radiate outward in all directions away from their starting point, sometimes crossing entire oceans.