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Malone by Mind Map: Malone

1. Other Notes

1.1. Main Character

1.1.1. Story told from his perspective

1.2. Rugby player

1.3. At the end of novel joins Roxtone in another adventure

2. Personality

2.1. Brave

2.1.1. Saved people during mine explosion

2.2. Humble

2.3. Physically active

3. Preffesion

3.1. Reporter

3.1.1. is looking for an adventure story to impress the woman that he loves

3.1.2. Is sent to Challenger mainly to prove that he is a fraud

4. Love Life

4.1. Desires Gladys

4.1.1. Gladys enjoys his attention but doesn't really feel the same way about him

4.1.2. Gladys dreams of an idealistic lover which Malone is more than suitable of being, but she is too self obsessed that she is too blind to see it

4.1.3. When Malone returns she had already married a clerk

5. New node