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Malone by Mind Map: Malone

1. Humble/Honorable

1.1. Doesn't brag about how athletic he is

1.2. Tells policeman it was his fault, after his fight with Challenger

2. Leadership

2.1. Led the expedition throughout the entire journey

2.2. Helped to rescue Summerlee and Challenger after being caught by the Apemen

3. Athletic

3.1. Wrestled Professor Challenger

3.2. Part of the rugby team at university

4. Journalist

4.1. works under McArdle as a journalist at Gazette

4.1.1. Assigned task of exposing Challenger's fraud

4.1.2. Disguises himself as journalist and interviews Challenger Ends up wrestling Challenger Eventually gets Challenger to tell him the secrets of his research- dinosaurs

5. Loves Gladys

5.1. Asked Gladys to marry him

5.1.1. rejected, she only wants to marry a hero

5.1.2. goes to McArdle for a job that would make him a hero

6. Easily Manipulated

6.1. At the beginning of the story, he sets off on an expedition just because he is in love with Gladys and wants to impress her

7. Brave

7.1. Stood up against Challenger