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Service-Oriented Computing by Mind Map: Service-Oriented
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Service-Oriented Computing

This is a mindmap of the Thomas Erl book: SOA Principles of Service Design.

Primaire parts

Service-Oriented Architecture

Architactural model in which Services are key.


Design paradigm comprised of design principles.

Service-Oriented Solution Logic

Application of principles to the design of solution logic.


Primary mens of which solution logic is represented.

Service Compositions

Aggregate of Services.

Service Inventory

Collection of complementary Services.


Service Model

Utility Services

Task Services

Entity Services

Web Service

Standards, WS-*, WS-Policy, WS-I Basic Profile, UDDI, XSD, WSDL, SOAP

Service Contract, WSDL, XSD, WS-Policy

Service Logic

Message Processing Logic


Service Granularity

Capability Ganularity

Data Granularity

Constraint Granularity


Increased Intrinsic Interoperability

Share of data

Increased Federation

Resources and applications are united while maintaining autonomy and self-governance.

Increased Vendor Diversification Options

Be able to choose best-of-breed vendor products and technology innovations.

Increased Business and technology Domain Alignment

Increased ROI

Increased Organizational Agility

Reduced IT burden

Design Principles

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Origins and Influences


Web Services