The Solar System, which is made up of 8 planets.

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The Solar System, which is made up of 8 planets. by Mind Map: The Solar System, which is made up of 8 planets.

1. Venus. 2nd planet from the sun.

1.1. Small, Rocky blanketed with yellow clouds. But these clouds are made of a poison known as sulfuric acid.

1.2. The surface of Venus is very hot! The temperature is about 400 degrees celsius!

1.3. Venus has no moons.

2. Saturn. 6th planet from the sun.

2.1. Saturn is also another giant gas planet. It is made up of 75% Hydrogen and 25% Helium.

2.2. Saturn is also known for all of its rings surrounding it. These rings are made up of mostly ice but there may be some rocky particles covered with ice.

2.3. Saturn is made up of materials lighter than water, so if Saturn was placed in a big pond, it would float.

2.4. Saturn has 18 moons.

3. Mercury. 1st planet from the sun.

3.1. Small and Rocky. It's also the closest planet to the sun.

3.2. There may be volcanic activity

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3.3. Temperature ranges from 90K to 700K

3.4. Picture of mercury as it looks from earth.

4. Mars. 4th planet from the sun.

4.1. Mars is a small, cold, and rocky planet.

4.2. Mars has permanent ice caps at both poles made up of solid carbon dioxide. We call this dry ice.

4.3. Mars can sometimes have very strong, fast dust storms rolling through it for month at a time.

4.4. Mars has two tiny moons orbiting it, their names are Phobos and Deimos.

4.5. This is what Mars looks like from earth.

5. Earth. 3rd planet from the sun.

5.1. The Earth the the planet we live on.

5.2. The earth is made up of 75% water and 25% land.

5.3. Temperatures at the Earth's center, also known as the core, can reach as hot as 7500K. Which is hotter than the surface of the sun!

5.4. The Earth is the only planet, as far as we know, with life on it. Which makes it very unique!

6. Jupiter. 5th planet from the sun.

6.1. Jupiter is a giant gas planet made up of 90% Hydrogen and 10% Helium.

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6.2. Jupiter is so big that you could fit 1,000 Earths inside of it!

6.3. Jupiter has 16 moons.

6.4. Jupiter as seen from earth.

7. Uranus. 7th planet from the sun.

7.1. Uranus is another giant gas planet made up of mostly rock and ice.

7.2. Uranus spins differently than the other planets. It spins on its side, so its south pole is directed towards the sun.

7.3. Uranus has 15 moons.

7.4. Uranus has faint rings around just like Saturn.

8. Neptune. 8th planet from the sun.

8.1. Just like Uranus, Neptune is a giant gas planet made up of rock and ice.

8.2. Neptune's blue color comes from a gas in the atmosphere called methane.

8.3. Like Saturn and Uranus, Neptune has rings around it also. Except Neptune's rings aren't as noticeable.

8.4. Neptune has 8 moons.

9. The Asteroid Belt.

9.1. The Asteroid belt is made up of chunks of rock and metal that orbit around the sun.

9.2. Located between Mars and Jupiter.

9.3. Separates the inner planets from the outer planets.