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ideas by Mind Map: ideas

1. matching paint colours

1.1. marker smudges paint over the rest of the wall

1.2. app which tells you exact colour for the paint, from your phone.

1.3. brush which colours wall, and extracts some of the existing paint to blend the touch up with the rest of the wall

2. cleaning bathroom

2.1. self cleaning bathroom, jets on floor, clean floor

2.2. spray the wall, and no wiping required.

2.3. self plunging toilet which blows air down the toilet

2.4. cleaning a plunger

2.4.1. plunger which would clean itself

2.4.2. plunger with its own cleaning base,you dock plunger to the unit which would self clean itself

2.5. create a plunger and a brush in one, and the cleaning fluid coming out of the brush

2.6. New node

3. hair in the drain

3.1. big long stick with wires hanging out of it, and it is flexibile and you stick it down the drain which would stick to the hair as you pull it out.

3.2. chemical which would clean the hair, by burning the hair down.

4. open oven door, hot air escapes

4.1. glove box, which you could handle things in the

5. noise

5.1. kitchen beside bedroom

5.2. music playing

5.3. device which absorbes sound which allows vibrations to not pass the walls

5.4. egg cartons

5.5. New node

6. taking out contacts, can't find glasses

6.1. keep glasses in the same place.

6.2. indicator which lets you know where the glasses have been kept

6.3. contact holder which would keep the contacts, and glasses would be in the holder too, and if the glasses were not there it would start beeping to let you know to put them in

7. circuit breaker goes, when too many appliances are turned on

8. glasses fog up

9. too many shoes

10. back of shoes top get weak and cannot hold heel in

11. carrying groceries from car to house

11.1. bar to have each bag put on it

12. bags handles rip when heavy items put in them

13. picking up dog waste

14. universal app for remote control for TV and DVD player and all other electronics

15. child proofing garbage cans for raccoons

16. bathroom problems (humidity)

17. windows, too much heat loss, basment rooms not enough natural light in it

18. water collects at the bottom of the drying rack

19. drying rack for clothes

20. cleaning snow