Kinetic Particle Theory

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Kinetic Particle Theory by Mind Map: Kinetic Particle Theory

1. Gas

1.1. weak forces of attraction between particles

1.2. disordely, move randomly at high speeds

1.3. highest kinetic energy of particles

1.4. no fixed shape, no fixed volume

1.5. can be compressed

1.6. lowest density

2. Liquid

2.1. disorderly, quite closely packed

2.2. slide over one another

2.3. forces of attraction between particles is strong

2.4. moderate kinetic energy of particles

2.5. no fixed shape, fixed volume

2.6. cannot be compressed

2.7. moderate density

3. Solid

3.1. orderly, closely packed

3.2. forces of attraction between particles is very strong

3.3. lowest kinetic energy of particle

3.4. Vibrate about their fixed positions

3.5. fixed shape,fixed volume

3.6. cannot be compressed

3.7. highest density