Opening Film Synopsis

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Opening Film Synopsis by Mind Map: Opening Film Synopsis

1. costume

1.1. ghost

1.1.1. white nightgown I have chosen to use a white nighgown as this is what Paryis died in and it is appropriate for her to come back in this.

1.2. sister of ghost

1.2.1. pyjamas the sister of the ghost will be wearing pyjamas because she will be in bed at the time of the scenes.

2. props

2.1. metal swing set

2.1.1. I have used a metal swing set for the noise that it created when swinging on it.

2.2. bed

3. location

3.1. My House

3.1.1. Childrens Bedroom

3.1.2. Hallway

3.1.3. Backgarden

4. characters

4.1. possessed

4.1.1. I have chosen to use a slight focus of possession in order to justify the acts of the ghost as well as make it seems ore realistic

4.2. ghost

4.2.1. I have chosen to use a ghost named Paryis as it is to demonstrate the previous loss of a sibling within the family and to show how close the late child and her sister were.

4.3. sister of ghost

4.3.1. I have included the sister of the ghost within this in order to show a relationship between the two and also to make the geneal plot more interesting.

5. Horror Genre

6. Diegesis

6.1. tension building music

7. Editing

7.1. cut

7.2. some slow motion