What happens next?

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What happens next? by Mind Map: What happens next?

1. Location

1.1. Originally we wanted to film within a church with a real Priest. However with religion being a part of us not being able to film an exorcism, because of it being against the Priest Geoff's religion and job we have now had to think of another place to film our supernatural trailer.

1.2. A house- we have asked in our questionnaire about the location in which would be best for the location. From our questionnaire the results showed that our audiences wanted us to film within a house.

1.3. We have decided to film in a house because of religious reasons. Therefore we are going to go round Stoke and see if we can find some where to film, if not we cannot find somewhere then Kim will give us details to a house in which other students already have permission to film in.

2. Costume

2.1. Thinking about costume and how we are going to show are our characters in a normal way. We will look into the way in which we can show our characters in a casual way, so things such as every day clothing, jeans, T-shirts and trainers. Something along the lines of stereo types; Chav's, indie, old, along the lines of what people would class as certain types of people.

2.2. However we will represent our characters in such ways, but we shell subvert the ideas. For example, with people thinking negative things about Chav's we could subvert that idea and make them a positive character.

2.3. So we've come to the conclusion that we want to use dark clothing but in a casual way. So we are going to use dark/black T-shirts, or a white T-shirt. For the police officer we will use a plan black suit, white shirt.

2.4. Dan the Police Officer- Black suit, and a white shirt with a black and white tie.

2.5. Amy the Priest- Black shirt and a white collar, black trousers.

2.6. Beth the grounds keeper- Scraggy white T-shirt, black track suit bottoms, and a scraggy cardigan.

3. Sound

3.1. We need to look into sound effects and how we can use them effectively.

3.2. We want a sound track also, this needs to set the scene and play throughout the trailer.

3.3. We need to look into sound effects in which fit our genre, so something which may have screaming in or a sound track in which builds up and then dies down again when scenes have dialogue in.

4. Script

4.1. We need to think how we are going to produce our script, things such as how we are going to start the script and end it.

4.2. However because we are producing a trailer we have to keep our trailer at a cliff hanger for the end, because if we show them what is going to happen then there is no point in them watching the rest of the film.

4.3. We have an idea as to what we want to happen within our trailer, we want the police officer to be on the brink of him being fired at work, which drives him to drink. The we will include the the priest and the grounds keeper

5. What the Reverend will wear for our film trailer!

5.1. Trousers

5.1.1. Dog Collar

6. What the police officer will wear

6.1. Trousers

7. What our groundskeeper

7.1. Trousers

8. Props

8.1. Holy Water

8.1.1. Bible Cloth Table