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London Hosts Training Week (April 2009) by Mind Map: London Hosts Training
Week (April 2009)
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London Hosts Training Week (April 2009)

1. Introduction

Vision: A world where diverse people are pioneering imaginative and enterprising initiatives for a radically better world

Intent: To inspire and support people

Values: conviviality, courage, imagination

2. Experience

Ordinary (space)

People (members, hosts, stakeholders)

Extraordinary (events, rythm, suprise)


3. Programming





Business Clinics

Member initiatives

Living library


12.Hub World

5 stakeholders (20% power each, different return)

Foundation (golden share)

Investors (investment)

Talent (work and value)

Hubs (running hubs)

Members (investment)

50+ people working in the world

10 hubs operating with space + 63 in 5 years

Organizational Chart

Hub World Board

Executive Team

3 Groups, Futures (Jonathan), Operations/Hub Services (Manfred), Member services (Tom)

"SWOT" (Tom, Nils, Oliver, Jonathan, Manfred, Maria)

Support in phases

Codification in handbooks

Hosting the communities of practice

Developing systems

700 serious expressions of interest

10. Case study: Kings Cross

Host 1 month before starting

Every 3 people you get 20% discount

Guest membership for interns/volunteers

200 members every 6 months

3 major problems: BPlan, design project, community after the building, no consultation of host during construction

tip: make a space that can be re-created

staff of 3 1/2 people per day: 1 phone, 1 door, 1 café and 1/2 for lunch breaks

events team comes at 5pm, they work with a partner (not hosts, don´t offer the experience!)

New node

11. Hub past and future


Q1: Who to work with? Who are the right people that will make it happen?

Q2: How do you measure a healthy Hub?

Q3: Where are we going to be in 5 years-time?

Q4: What are the qualities we are looking for in the founders? Mandate/Checklist

4. Technology

Mailing Lists


Announce (all members go automatically)

Locals (2 or 3 days a week)


Jabber (chat to get support and stay connected)


Local hub infrastructure


tickets to report

6. Hosting Team structure

space (supplies)







5. Attraction

Who are we inspiring and supporting?

Doers, people taking risks, people who see, ego mature, alive, passionte, creative people, vision, freshness, kindness, smart, humor, open, vulnerable, humble, give/get, rebel/challenge, don´t take themselves so seriously! the potential we see in them...

Who are the right members? Criteria, 1. Involved in realizing and initiative (people who know what they are doing), 2. In transition, imagining (people that are looking for something), 3. Have the attitud and see the potential, they are attracted to this. if they appreciate it... (people that bridge the world)

What is the right mix of people?

Who do you need to invite?, Who do you have know?, Who do you need?, How do you attract them?

Balance of areas of practice

4 moments: design/map, gathering data, develop material/strategy, invite!

7. Finance

Weekly team meeting

extracting figures from hub space

it quickly changes from week to week: its normal!

2 cash flows

mini: next 2-4 weeks


3 main areas

invoicing, membership and service charges separately, month ahead, system crashes if all do it the same day, do it from home, respect from your team, try to personalize emails as much as possible

banking, how to take money and when, cash, check, int. transfers, credit and debit cards, name of member, nº of invoice, nº of member, monitor cash flow, note down income and the stream of it, incentive to pay by "standing order"

credit control, photo id, registerd companies, after 7 days start chasing by calling or face to face, 1/2 hour everyday at Bristol

9. Software

8. Social media