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Game by Mind Map: Game

1. the terrain is a bush with paths and hills and walls as the player walks along killing the enemies and getting points.

2. perspective

2.1. the game visual style is in 3D, while playing the game one has the ability of revisiting past scenes and making any form of movement just like a human being. And the camera covers every area in any scene one can even see every little spot in any scene and the visual style is very clear as colour and light action is harmonious. Whether it is on computer or portal media player

3. characters

3.1. jade

3.1.1. evil giants

3.2. lazar

3.3. flying demons

4. terrain

5. challenges

5.1. while playing this game, one should avoid any form of contact with the enemies and would need to keep on killing in other to stay in the game and try get the maximum point in the game as possible.and once one is killed more than 4 times the game will end and every acheivement made by one will be lost and game restarts afresh.

6. platform

6.1. psp

6.1.1. Xbox 360

6.2. playstion

7. narrative

7.1. the game begins with the birth of a famous war-lord jade, who was born to fight. Haven grown into a strong female warrior, Jade arose to fight “Lazar” the Dragon; known to be a big disturbing enemy to the community that jade hailed from. This community suffer attacks from the dragon that comes every full moon to destroy the harvest with fire and abduct the young and able bodied villagers away for rituals and sacrifices. After the destruction of the community and abduction of the people, now Jade would have to arise and wage war against the evil forces of “Lazar” First jade will have to prepare herself for battle, with her magic sword she sets out to defeat Lazar and its evil forces. While playing the game one could feel the passion of jade to rescue her people. This shows the realistic nature of the game

8. win condtions

8.1. kill all the enemies with your sword and do not be killed get to the evil castle and kill Lazar and save the people.

9. lives

9.1. at the start of the game,the player comes in with 3 lives, as one progresses and kills enemies the player aquires more lives.and usually it is 10 point per gold coin vomitted by any killed by the the game procceds the harder it gets and the more bigger coins one gets and the point doubles up to 20.