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BrainSmart by Mind Map: BrainSmart

1. Globalization

1.1. ''More precisely we may define globalisation as a developing pattern of international business cooperation, which includes investments, trade and contractory ways of cooperation, and targets the development of products, production, procurement and marketing. Such kind of international performance

1.2. OECD defines globalisation as ''Spreading and deepening of companies performance with the target to produce and sell goods or services on multiple markets (OECD 1993, p.73)''.

1.3. multinational pharmaceutical companies have had a strong market position on the most important and strategic world markets with holding of considerable market shares, - they globally integrate and connect their business performance, so national identity is no longer important, - they perform a flexible purchasing management strategy, - have had a global network structure of production, - have had a global network organisation of research and development activities, - have built a global marketing organisation structure which supports a dedicated market orientation and a strategic priority focus to customers.

2. Product: an Adderol like substance

3. Competition Brands

3.1. vyvance

3.2. adderol

3.3. conserta

4. Marketing Options on Going Global

4.1. Worldwide television ads

4.2. Magazine ads

4.3. Celebrity Endorsements different in each country

4.4. Website multilingual

4.5. Comparison video of someone using BrainSmart and someone who is not

5. Risks of Globalization

5.1. Exporting costs

5.2. Effects people differently in different climates

5.3. Estimation of 1.2 billion to create a new drug and takes over 12 years to be finished

5.4. Dealing with people in different countries

5.5. Will need support centers that speak every language that we distribute to

5.6. Spending more money on marketing rather than research and development

5.7. Make sure the drug does not become an epidemic

5.8. Other countries thinking your creating a product to hurt their people.