New Media?

For SAF Specialist Diploma in Learning Science (New Media Pedagogy)

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New Media? by Mind Map: New Media?

1. Categories of New Media

1.1. Social media

1.1.1. Twitter

1.1.2. Facebook

1.1.3. Online forums

1.1.4. Instagram

1.1.5. Blogs

1.1.6. ChatRooms (IRC)

1.2. Video-based media

1.2.1. STOMP Video clips

1.2.2. YouTube

1.2.3. TED talks

1.2.4. ONLine TV RazerTV NGO tv


1.3. Print Media

1.3.1. Online Newspaper Straits Times CNA CNN nytimes Mypaper Apple New

1.4. Video/Voice conferencing

1.4.1. Skype

1.4.2. Google Hangouts

1.5. Collaborative tools

1.5.1. Mindmeister

1.5.2. Wiki

1.5.3. Cloud collaboration

1.6. Social bookmarking

1.6.1. Communities of practice

1.6.2. Podcasts

1.6.3. Delicious

1.7. Video gaming

1.7.1. On mobile devices Example: Angry Birds

1.7.2. On laptops/desktops Example: World of Warcraft

2. Instructional strategies, "-ogy"

2.1. Pedagogy

2.1.1. Science & art of Teaching

2.1.2. Teaching Children

2.1.3. Holistic Science of Education

2.2. Andragogy

2.2.1. Helping Adults to Learn

2.2.2. The Learner has Experience

2.2.3. Learning Strategies focus on Adult

2.3. Peeragogy

2.3.1. peeragogy is peer-based learning or learning from each other

2.4. Connectivism

2.4.1. theory of learning based on the premise that knowledge exists in the world rather than in the head of an individual.

2.5. Heutagogy

2.5.1. places specific emphasis on learning how to learn Type of learning emphasied Requirement on educational initiatives The notion is an expansion and reinterpretation of andragogy "to lead to invention, discoveries, findings" learning strategies focused on mature learners where a mentor enables quested learning to allow for modification of existing knowledge and creation of new knowledge. all learning contexts, both formal and informal, are considered experiential learning through real life experience constructs and conditionalizes knowledge

2.5.2. study of self-determined learning