Michigan Educational Technology Standards METS.9-12 by Michelle Coeman

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Michigan Educational Technology Standards METS.9-12 by Michelle Coeman by Mind Map: Michigan Educational Technology Standards METS.9-12 by Michelle Coeman

1. METS.9-12.CI Creativity and Innovation

1.1. METS.9-12.CI.3. use a variety of media and formats to design, develop, publish, and present projects (e.g., newsletters, web sites, presentations, photo galleries)

1.1.1. Example: Physics in Everyday Life Project Choose an event seen in everyday life that clearly illustrates one of the Physics concepts we have learned. Create a poster to display in the classroom, showing your event and how it relates to Physics. Create a PowerPoint presentation and present your event and explanation to the class.

2. METS.9-12.RI Research and Information Literacy

2.1. METS.9-12.RI.1. develop a plan to gather information using various research strategies (e.g., interviews, questionnaires, experiments, online surveys)

2.1.1. Example: Physics Misconceptions Choose a common misconception in Physics (centrifugal force, mass vs. weight, etc.) to survey. Develop questions and interview at least 5 people about the concept. Be sure to record the interviews. Create a questionnaire to give to another class, investigating their misconceptions about your topic. Create an online survey to investigate misconceptions about your topic.

3. METS.9-12.CC Communication and Collaboration

3.1. METS.9-12.CC.3. collaborate in content-related projects that integrate a variety of media (e.g., print, audio, video, graphic, simulations, and models)

3.1.1. Example: Physics the Movie In a group of no more than four students, create a movie that highlights Physics and teaches the viewer a concept. This could be a television show style (like myth busters), a super hero movie, a news broadcast, or other style as long as it shows and teaches the Physics phenomena. Create a Billboard that advertises your movie. Create an audio advertisement for your movie using Audacity.

4. METS.9-12.CT Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

4.1. METS.9-12.CT.1. use digital resources (e.g., educational software, simulations, models) for problem solving and independent learning

4.1.1. Example: Phet Simulation Visit the Phet website to investigate the properties of energy using the Energy Skate Park simulation. Play with the simulation. Make sure to try out several different scenarios. Write a summary of what you learned using the Energy Skate park simulation. This should be half to one page in length and discuss the principles of Physics you learned.

5. METS.9-12.DC Digital Citizenship

5.1. METS.9-12.DC.5. create appropriate citations for resources when presenting research findings

5.1.1. Example: Write a Physics Lab Write a Physics Lab to conduct in class, investigating a Physics theory. Do background research to see what others have done, then formulate your own procedure. Include in your report an introduction, hypothesis, materials, and procedure. You will share data and a conclusion later, after you do the lab in class. Create a citations page showing where your information came from. Be sure to use correct MLA form.

6. METS.9-12.TC Technology Operations and Concepts

6.1. METS.9-12.TC.3. explore career opportunities, especially those related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and identify their related technology skill requirements

6.1.1. Example: Physics Career Index Our class will create a Physics Career Index highlighting jobs that involve Physics. Each student must choose a career to research and present. Create a page advertising and informing readers about the job and how it involves Physics. Be sure to include everyday tasks on the job and technology skills needed for this career.