The Strangest House Ever!

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The Strangest House Ever! by Mind Map: The Strangest House Ever!

1. The Sliding House

1.1. traditional farm house

1.2. 20-ton outer shell

1.3. second glass inner shell

2. The Rotating House

2.1. rotate a full 360ْ

2.2. Geothermal heating

2.3. 32 outrigger wheels

2.4. 500-wat electric motors

3. The Leaf House

3.1. the roof looks like a huge flower with 6 petals

3.2. curved swimming pool

3.3. free of hallways

4. the Crooked House

4.1. a secret passage to Windsor Castle

4.2. it was a jewelry shop

4.3. now it's a restaurant

5. The writer doesn't like the Rotating House.

5.1. The writer thinks the house is too modern to live in!

6. The writer likes the Leaf house

6.1. The writer like the Leaf House because it's more close to nature enviroment