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Memo by Mind Map: Memo

1. Benefits associated with incorporating both administrative software and academic software can be integrated into teaching and learning.

2. Reference: Teaching and Learning with Technology

3. Academic Software

4. Contrast

4.1. Academic Software: Designed to assist and support both educators and learners in teaching and learning.(Lever-McDonald) (2011) (pg.169).

4.2. Name and function of academic software.

4.3. Tutorials and Drill-And-Pratice: gives students one-on-one, usually interactive reviews of target concepts.

4.3.1. Courtesy of Laureate Learning System, Inc.(202)

4.4. Application to learning with tutorials and drill and pratice academic software would be used in the classroom orat home.

4.5. Challeges associated with incorporating the tutorials and drill and pratice software tutorials seem limiting and potentially boring because of their rigidity in the presentation of the topic.

5. Adminidtrative Software

6. Compare

6.1. Administrative Software: Assist educators in accomplishing the administrative, professional, and management tasks associated with their profession. (Lever-McDonald), (2011) (pg.169)

6.2. Data Base Management System for Student Data: helps teachers organize, sort, retrive, and manage students information automatically at the touch of a key.

6.2.1. Microsoft Access (pg.180)

6.3. Application to learning with data base management software would be an electronic card catalog in a media center.

6.4. Challenges associated with incorporating the data base management system can be substantial and expensive.