Creating a Noir Film / 1950s Style!

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Creating a Noir Film / 1950s Style! by Mind Map: Creating a  Noir Film / 1950s Style!

1. Bernie Vanlivingston: Rimsha

1.1. Costume

1.1.1. Since Bernie is the main character he should have a heroic look; 50's male look. Smart, but not a mysterious look. His appearance is quite fresh and clean -trilby hat -brown suit/white shirt

1.2. Body Language

1.2.1. He is quite confident and clean, if was flirting (as he would be quite a flirt) he would lift one of his eyebrows and grin. He doesn't act like he is guilty. The style he walks as is quite heroic, confident and alive.

1.3. Make up

2. DI Morris: Amal

2.1. Costume

2.1.1. Sherlock Holmes style, greenish and pepper colour coat

2.1.2. A hat

2.1.3. Has an ID badge

2.2. Body Language

2.2.1. wantsit baby

2.2.2. ?

2.3. Amal as the character

2.3.1. sophisticated character that swings into the action no matter the situation

2.3.2. Background- british.

2.3.3. very formal, likes to show courage in front of his clients etc.

2.3.4. Betty is falling in love with him

2.4. Character

2.4.1. Reads Sherlock Holmes novels in his spare time

2.4.2. DI Morris has a twisted past

2.5. Deep Voice

2.6. Very compassionate about Betty

3. GSK: Ayah

3.1. Room is lightly filled with smoke wants a kid

3.2. some of their dealings are on the margins, other things they do are legal creating babbies

3.3. An organization to rely on but also to fear

3.4. Room is painted a dark colour, to show that it's ostensibly evil.

3.5. an office room that is nearly unnoticeable but you can see the whole school from that room

4. Lighting: Ayah

4.1. Mysterious Lighting - Light through blinds no lights i think will look better

4.2. Single Light going out

4.3. Very Dim Lights to represent the cave

5. Props: Ayah

5.1. Suitcase

5.1.1. Money

5.2. Weapon

5.3. cigarettes

5.3.1. lighter

6. Jennifer Swoon: Hailie

6.1. Costume

6.1.1. Pastel colours

6.1.2. Plaited hair

6.1.3. Flowery Shirts and plain skirts

6.2. Body Language

6.2.1. High angle shots used

6.3. Make up

6.3.1. soft make up.e.g: pail skin, light pink lipstick,rosy cheeks.

6.3.2. dark brown or black hair will convince the audience that their is something odd about her.

6.4. Character

6.4.1. So if the police find out, she could get away with it.

6.4.2. gives the appearance of a young woman who wouldn't do any harm.

7. BETTY: Rosie

7.1. Character

7.1.1. Sly

7.1.2. Has been hurt by men in the past

7.1.3. Smoker- uses as cigarette holder

7.1.4. Has not got many female friends

7.1.5. all ways in dark shadows

7.1.6. Likes to go after married men

7.2. Makeup

7.2.1. Red lipstick - Portray as Confident

7.2.2. Dark eye make up - Makes her look mysterious

7.3. Costume

7.3.1. Figure Hugging Dresses - Shows off her curves

7.3.2. Wears Very fashionable

7.3.3. Wears a lot of black and red

7.3.4. Wears high Heels

7.4. Body Language

7.4.1. Sits with her legs crossed

7.4.2. Has a cheeky smile

7.4.3. Likes to wink at men she likes

8. Voice Over - editing: Reah

9. Tuesday 19 May 2009