Nursery Host Country Week 2010

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Nursery Host Country Week 2010 by Mind Map: Nursery Host Country Week 2010

1. Suggestions

1.1. Ideally should be fairly close to school and a short bus ride for Nursery students

1.2. Trips out that include lunch work well. Morning only would be too short

1.3. Re-think Aquarium because of distance but it was a great show and lots of wonderful exhibits. If it were a full day, I would do it again. Less than a full day is too rushed.

1.4. If it is a five day week, include at least one day at school not going out

2. Fun places for kids in Beijing

3. Ideas for Activities

3.1. Rosedale Park

3.1.1. Fun dazzle

3.1.2. Safe rides e.g. carousel, aeorplane,train

3.1.3. Walk through the park

3.1.4. Watch local people perform -there are usually dancers or musicians in the park

3.2. Aquarium

3.2.1. Observe exhibits

3.2.2. Watch dolphin show

3.3. Blue Zoo

3.3.1. View exhibits

3.3.2. Watch mermaid show

3.3.3. Take a sketch pad and clip board to draw fish or other aspects of exhibits

3.4. Activities at school

3.4.1. Happyland visit to do pottery and painting

3.4.2. Acrobats at school

3.4.3. Watch a movie on the big screen in the theatre

3.4.4. Visit Lido Park for games, walk, picnic lunch

4. New node