Grade 2 Host country Week 2010

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Grade 2 Host country Week 2010 by Mind Map: Grade 2 Host country Week 2010

1. Suggestions

1.1. Hutong Scavenger Hut could run longer. Make letter groups smaller and less activities.

1.2. Students should view duck being cut

1.3. Take play equipment to Ritan Park for example hoops, ropes etc. Next time students can spend more time playing in the park.

1.4. Shorter lunch and menu should include more vegetable

1.5. Artists can come in and teach students how to paint Chinese Opera masks.

1.6. In collaboration with PE, students could become familiar with game rules prior to HCW. Teams could be formed prior and then on the day a competition could take place.

1.7. Visit Mei LanFang Memorial Museum and prior to trip frontload information regarding courtyard. Also, review map with students.

2. Themes

3. Activities

3.1. Hutong

3.2. Urban Planning Museum, Ritan Park, duck

3.3. Teppanyaki

3.4. Swimming/BBQ