Malone's Characteristics

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Malone's Characteristics by Mind Map: Malone's Characteristics

1. Brave

1.1. Entered the mines

1.2. selfconscious of what people think of him

1.2.1. does brave acts to show people he is not weak

1.3. approached the ape-men

1.4. climbed the tree

1.5. interviewed the challenger

1.5.1. busted someone's skull

1.5.2. yet, he interviewed

2. Humble

2.1. On the rugby team

2.1.1. does not brag

2.1.2. says he is just a reserve

2.2. Doesnt brag about rescuing from mines

3. Responsible

3.1. Takes blame for when Malone and Challenger get into a fight

4. Not a his own man

4.1. Takes on the exped just for Gladys

4.2. Doesnt base his decisions on himself

4.2.1. Based on Gladys

5. Changes

5.1. He has matured

5.2. Learns to not base his decisions on love

5.2.1. Finds out Gladys married.

5.3. He is able to make decisions for himself

5.3.1. Visits S america again

6. Leadership

6.1. Led the expedition

6.2. Helped rescue