Marketing Learning Effectively

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Marketing Learning Effectively by Mind Map: Marketing Learning Effectively

1. 1. Need

1.1. Find out what your audience cares about

1.1.1. How? Face to Face talks Talk to managers Talk to employees 121 and in small groups Surveys Start with a survey to funnel ideas Use to identify people with ideas and passion Online discussion groups

1.1.2. Why? So you can speak "to" them not "at" them

1.2. Find out what your organisation cares about

1.2.1. How? Check your strategy Talk to leaders in your org.

1.2.2. Why? If your people don't care about what your Org cares about you need to find ways to change that They pay the bills!

2. 2. Positioning

2.1. Figure out how learning addresses what they care about

2.1.1. Make their lives easier

2.1.2. Help them fulfill their ambitions

2.1.3. Deliver on strategic goals

2.1.4. Happiness

2.1.5. Engagement

2.2. Do you need to segment your audiences to meet their needs?

3. 3. Communicate

3.1. How?

3.1.1. What are your channels? Email Face to face events Intranet Learning Portal/Hub (if you're lucky) Word of mouth Internal Social platform External social platforms Poster Magazine Newsletter Curation tools Postcard

3.1.2. Coordinated campaigns Timing Mix Targetted Personalised

3.2. What?

3.2.1. Create new content

3.2.2. Promote/Curate external content

4. 4. Measuring

4.1. How do you know your campaigns are working?

4.1.1. Activity?

4.1.2. Response

4.1.3. Engagement

4.1.4. Word of mouth

4.1.5. Performance improvement

4.1.6. Hits

4.2. Can we use powerful tools like Google Analytics to monitor internal campaigns?