Synopsis Mind-Map

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Synopsis Mind-Map by Mind Map: Synopsis Mind-Map

1. Setting

1.1. An alley way

1.2. A wooden table

2. Plot

2.1. A mysterious killer/kidnapper is roaming the streets with nobody knowing who he is. He has been in and out of the country looking for victims that he slays and hides the corpses with none being found. The only thing connecting him to the murders is a young boy who he eventually finds..

3. Characters

3.1. John - Protagonist - He has black hair and brown eyes and an average stature He is a fun-loving man who isn't affraid of life. He is laid back and can't stand life being boring. He loves a challenge and doesn't have bad luck. He lives in an average small apartment by himself and has big dreams for his future.

3.2. Hooded Character - Antagonist - Brown hair with brown eyes and has a physically big stature A harsh but mellow man. Mysterious enough that nobody actually knows his real age. Has a different identity to every city he 'visits'. Nobody knows where he lives and is rumored to live in a penthouse suite in Central London.

4. Diegesis

4.1. Tension building royalty free music, which abides by the thriller genre because the music defines the tension in the music, building it up to a climax.

5. Mise en scene

5.1. Props

5.1.1. Piece of paper with writing

5.1.2. An old pen

5.2. Costume

5.2.1. Antagonist Black jeans Navy blue t-shirt

5.2.2. Protagonist Black suit with a silver tie

6. Cinematography

6.1. Editing

6.1.1. Cut shot

6.1.2. Abiding by the 180 degree rule

6.1.3. Long Shot

6.1.4. Medium shot

6.1.5. Low Angle Shot Placed a camera nop of a tripod, lower than the person to make the person seem more powerful.

6.2. Lighting

6.2.1. Dim and morbid which fits the generic conventions of a thriller film.

7. Conventions

7.1. Anxiety

7.1.1. Anxiety is a generic convention to a thriller genre because it shows the psychological effects of a thriller and that it would make the audience feel that they are actually in the film.

7.2. Fast Paced

7.2.1. Fast pace is a generic convention of a thriller genre because it shows the climax of the film opening as well as keeps the viewer entertained.