Grade 4 Host country 2010

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Grade 4 Host country 2010 by Mind Map: Grade 4 Host country 2010

1. Suggestions

1.1. get on a ship at the port

1.1.1. more time at the port take out trip to mansion, have the paper cutting people come to the studio where other two art projects happened

1.2. not to go to the singing restaurant

1.3. 2 days in BJ (mon&fri), 3 in Tianjin

1.4. buy kites to fly at Tiannamen square

1.5. go to different Chinese type of restaurant?

1.6. science centre with body systems UOI

1.7. longer time at the cultural street -shopping

1.8. one group swimming/one group shopping -swap the next day

1.9. students can buy the kites/paper cuttings instead of all spent shopping

2. Themes

3. Activities